Why Randolph will get part of $100 million in extra federal stimulus money

RANDOLPH – Randolph and three other Massachusetts communities will split an additional $100 million after officials decided they were shortchanged by the latest federal stimulus package. 

Randolph will be sharing the $100 million with Chelsea, Everett and Methuen to address a range of COVID-19 needs, such as replacing lost municipal revenue; investing in water, sewer and broadband infrastructure; and easing the pandemic’s economic impact, Gov. Charlie Baker said Thursday.

The money, which Baker’s office said will come from existing or future federal revenue, aims to correct formula hiccups in the American Rescue Plan that left the four communities with less money compared to other municipalities that have not faced the same obstacles.

Looking at the funding breakdown between “relatively better off” cities and towns and Chelsea, Everett, Methuen and Randolph, Baker said, “it was pretty clear that there was a problem.”