WATCH NOW: Elko County approves OSHA-fine fund | Government and Politics

According to the OSHA Dashboard, Elko County ranks third in overall compliance with 93.2% between June 29 and Jan. 28, behind Storey and Pershing counties, which are 94.3% and 95.7%, respectively.

“Still, having said that,” Hoffman continued, “I think OSHA has been overzealous in many respects.”

Should the donations not be used, the County will track the donors and return the money, said assistant county manager and chief financial officer Cash Minor.

Spring Creek resident Stephanie Licht said the resolution gives “hope” to Elko County residents.

“We would like to see these policies continued, go forward with hope that we can get our country back, one way or another,” she said. “When you lose hope, you lose the ability and the will to stand up and do something.”

One resident questioned if the vaccines would relax some of the mandates. Ryndon resident Charles Schaer told commissioners he had been denied service at a local business for not wearing a mask although he had both vaccines and showed employees his immunization card and driver’s license to prove it.

“It’s quite interesting to have people say, ‘well, I don’t care about that,” or “it’s not good enough,'” he said. “You have the right to do that as a business owner, but the question is: Why are we spending and why are we pushing for [vaccinations] for people just to say ‘it’s not good enough’?”