Unemployment scams on the rise as federal funding is renewed | News

Harrisburg, Pa. – Renewed funding for unemployment benefits has created a surge in new fraudulent activity from scammers posing as the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, including a Facebook account that collected unemployment claim and Social Security numbers.

Pennsylvanians should remember that the real Department of Labor and Industry has a blue checkmark on its Facebook profile and will NEVER discuss claims or ask for full Social Security numbers over social media. In general, it is best to avoid sharing any sensitive personal information over social media even if another user appears to be legitimate.

Anyone who has provided personal information to a fake account or otherwise has been a victim of unemployment fraud should report it to the Department of Labor and Industry. In addition, Pennsylvanians who have not filed for unemployment but receive a 1099 form in the mail should contact the Department of Labor and Industry.

Receiving a 1099 form without filing for unemployment often means that someone else attempted to claim unemployment benefits in your name. If this happens to you, please report it to the Department of Labor and Industry. The Department can correct your income with the IRS and help you avoid extra tax paperwork.