‘The government’s starved the system’: AMA welcomes overdue health funding boost

The Australian Medical Association has welcomed the significant funding boost to the West Australian health system announced on Sunday, but has dismissed claims hospital resources have been stretched by the pandemic.

The West Australian government will spend an extra $1.9 billion on staff shortages and hospital services in the next budget, issues the government say have been brought on by the pandemic.

However the state president of the Australian Medical Association Mark Duncan-Smith says those claims are “rubbish”.

“Covid has actually eased pressure on the system,” he told Gareth Parker on 6PR Breakfast.

“The government saying there’s been this massive increase in demand is just quite frankly rubbish.

“There’s been a steady increase of activity over the last three to four years … the government has starved the system and put it on it’s knees with a 1 per cent budget increase per year.

“They’ve basically cobbled the system.”

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Photo: iStock by Getty