Supervisors look to fund broadband expansion, road projects | Local Government

The board also has an Advancing Strategic Priorities Reserve that was added to the county’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan in the fiscal year 2019 budget, which contains about $3.6 million.

At a meeting in November, and previously, the board had expressed interest in providing more funding to broadband, building a convenience center in southern Albemarle and making changes to the intersection of Reas Ford and Earlysville roads.

About $3 million will go toward expanding broadband infrastructure, providing affordability support and establishing a county Office of Broadband Access.

Assistant County Executive Trevor Henry said the affordability program would be to support urban and rural families that are under financial stress gain access to critical resources, and they would use existing health and human service partnerships.

“This program could be funded from part of the one-time funding we’re suggesting today, but in our 2022 budget, it’ll be reflected as a recurring number,” he said. “ Our hope is that we can pilot that work through to the balance of this fiscal year, and then if the board approves our 2022 budget as recommended, it would be a recurring funding line.”

A proposed Office of Broadband Access will also be included in the fiscal year 2022 recommended budget, Henry said.