Springhill airport will build T-hangar with federal grant | North Louisiana

Several North Louisiana airports have been tapped to receive Federal Aviation Administration funds for infrastructure needs.

Grant awards include the following:

Shreveport Airport Authority, $4,440,007. This grant will provide federal funding for the rehabilitation of 3,000 feet of the existing Taxiway B pavement.

City of Springhill, $500,000. This project constructs a new 7,500 square foot 6-unit T-hangar for aircraft storage, maintenance, or service to assist the airport to be as self-sustaining as possible by generating revenue. The sponsor has adequately financed the airside needs of the airport.

Town of Vivian, $298,00. This project constructs 560-foot and 900-foot taxiway turnarounds on the Runway 9/27 ends to eliminate the need for aircraft to back-taxi on the runway.

City of Bastrop, $94,500. This project rehabilitates 4,002 feet of the existing parallel Taxiway A pavement that requires rehabilitation to ensure safe airfield operations and rehabilitates 4,002 feet of Runway 16/34 to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris at Morehouse Memorial Airport.

City of Minden, $13,000. This grant provides federal funding for economic relief to the Minden Airport.

City of Springhill, $9,000. This grant provides federal funding for economic relief to the Springhill Airport.