Senate votes to ban federal funding to teach Critical Race Theory

Senator Joe Manchin joined with the GOP on Wednesday in voting to ban funding for schools to teach Critical Race Theory. The Democrat from West Virginia was the only member of his party to join the GOP in banning federal dollars from going to educating students on the true history and present-day realities of life in the United States.

The funding would have provided support for teaching Critical Race Theory in schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. 

The ban, introduced by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, was conceived as an amendment to the Senate’s budget reconciliation negotiations for 2022. Senator Cotton has long been a critic of Critical Race Theory.

Republicans and Dem. Joe Manchin against teaching CRT

While on the floor, Senator Cotton insisted that Critical Race Theory teachings are “an un-American ideology” and its supporters “want to teach our children that America is not a good nation but a racist nation.” Cotton continued, stating that the country’s future “depends on the next generation of kids loving America and loving each other.”


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Senator Cotton did not explain how or why learning Critical Race Theory would prohibit students from loving the United States or each other, but his words echoed the sentiment that Critical Race Theory puts a spotlight on America’s history of systemic racism and oppression, and promotes modern-day movements to teach the truth. 

Naturally, parents and educators across the country support educating students on Critical Race Theory. The National Education Association (NEA), has promoted teaching Critical Race Theory at its annual meeting and representative assembly, where delegates voted to “increase the implementation” of Critical Race Theory and other similar curriculum for students. Though many parents have also staged protests across the country against teaching the curriculum.

The federal ban on funding comes as nearly half the states in the United States have already voted to ban educators from teaching Critical Race Theory. Many of those bans, however, are already being challenged in court.