Pell Grant Recipients Eligible for Federal Internet Subsidy

If Western Nevada College students are receiving federal student aid in the form of a Pell Grant, they are eligible for a federal subsidy.

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced a program to help students struggling to pay for internet amid the health pandemic, stating that a household is eligible to receive the benefit if one member of the household received a federal Pell Grant during the current award year.

Under the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, eligible households can receive up to $50 per month to help pay for broadband internet service. Written or electronic confirmation from a student’s school that the individual is a Pell Grant recipient will serve as verification for the program or a student’s financial aid award letter documenting the amount of their Pell Grant award received for the current year.

A copy of a student’s paid invoice that shows the student’s receipt of a Pell Grant during the current award year or a copy of the student’s Student Aid Report will all serve as proper documentation, according to the notice from the FCC.

For more information, contact WNC’s Financial Aid Office at 775-445-3264 or [email protected]