Maine Department of Education expects federal funding will pay for ventilation upgrades in schools

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) – Ventilation in schools has become a huge conversation in public safety amid the Coronavirus.

That was one topic touched on this morning in a legislative meeting with the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs.

The Maine Department of Education shared updates on construction projects at schools around the state.

Within the last year, about 700 projects of varying degrees have been worked on.

But with some concerns over remaining funding, education officials say other money will likely be used to upgrade ventilation and airflow in schools.

”I do expect there to be a demand for ventilation projects but I also believe that may be offset from the COVID relief funding that is either already come to the Department or will be coming from other federal programs,” said Scott Brown, Director of School Construction Projects for the Department of Education.

The Department says they have about 1-and-a-half million dollars to use on construction programs after this past year.

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