Madison Township told to avoid deficit spending amid fiscal caution

The Madison Township water tower has been repainted.

Madison Township will have to show it can live within its means if it wants to get out from under a nine-year-old fiscal caution designation from the state auditor’s office. That could mean a tax levy to keep the township general fund out of the red and provide spending options in a number of areas.

The recommendations were made by Nita Hendryx, chief projects manager for the auditor’s office, after she presented a three-year financial forecast to the township trustees during a virtual special meeting Friday afternoon. Hendryx put together the forecast with the help of township fiscal officer Leanna Rhodes after suggesting that Madison could have the fiscal caution designation lifted if it puts together a new recovery plan that avoids deficit spending.

“You want to show Columbus that Madison Township is making a concerted effort to get out of caution and for us to get out of your hair,” Hendryx said.  “Step one is to figure out how we’re going to right that ship in the general fund.”