Madison files for federal funding for creek repairs | Local News

The city commissioners have authorized the paperwork for an applicant project review concerning repairs to Madison’s creek channel along a section located north of 7th St.

The Park Creek section needs repairs from damage caused by the September 2019 flooding. Madison officials have plans to construct a trapezoidal channel with a small realignment of the creek instead of making repairs to the original U-shaped retaining wall that was damaged.

The application, intended for Federal Emergency Management Agency and state officials, included the work completion total of $672,222 for the project. The federal share of 75% was calculated at $504,166, and the nonfederal share of 25% was estimated at $168,055. City officials are also expecting state government to provide a share of the funding.

The work associated with the Park Creek project is expected to include:

— Removing 270 linear feet of retaining wall.

— Installing 1,400 square feet of steel-sheet piling.

— Installing 75 linear feet of steel-sheet piling cap.

— Installing 704 tons of rip rap.

— Installing 1,500 cubic yards of soil material.

— Installing 476 linear feet of floating silt curtain, a temporary, in-water sediment barrier.

— Replacing 55 tons of gravel surfacing.

— Replacing 135 square feet of concrete driveway approach and 350 sq. ft. of concrete sidewalk.

— Replacing one electrical transformer switch.

The application included cost estimates for land acquisition that amounts to about $116,322. Hydrology and hydraulics studies and the conditional letter of map and letter of map revisions for Madison’s floodway are estimated to amount to $30,000. Architectural and engineering work and geotechnical services are expected to amount to $29,600.

Chad Comes, city engineer, told the city commissioners that Madison would need to obtain a final approval from state and FEMA officials.

“FEMA basically relies on these estimates,” Comes said.

Comes and Roxie Ebdrup, a city administrative coordinator who has prepared the flood-damage applications, also spoke to the city commissioners about a low-interest loan program available to fund some repairs.