Madison College students eligible for new federal grant offering up to $750 in emergency funding

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MADISON, Wis. — Some Madison College students will have the opportunity to receive a new federal grant to provide emergency assistance during the pandemic.

According to a news release Wednesday, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act offers up to $750 in emergency funding for degree students who have “exceptional” financial needs.

“The need to support our students is more prevalent than ever,” said Keyimani Alford, Madison College’s Dean of Student Access and Success. “They are struggling to pay rent, buy food, pay for childcare and keep up with utilities because of job loss. The college knows this and has dedicated $8.6 million in emergency aid for the next year to help students with financial challenges.”

Students who filled out a FAFSA application will receive the grant money automatically by direct deposit or check. Those who did not complete a FAFSA will have to fill out a five-question application.

The Madison College Foundation is also helping students who do not qualify for the grant but are still in need of emergency funding. More information can be found here.

Any questions on the funding can be directed to 608- 246-6170.