Link Aadhaar card with SBI savings account to get government subsidies, know how

In important news for bank customers, the State Bank of India (SBI) recently announced that it is mandatory for its customers to link Aadhaar card with their bank accounts if they wanted to receive benefits from the government. This means that if the SBI customers failed to do so, they may not receive the Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) to their accounts from the government.

“We would like to inform our customers that Aadhar Card seeding is mandatory for those desirous of receiving any benefits or subsidy from Govt. of India through Direct Benefit Transfer,” said the SBI, in a tweet.

It should be noted that all bank customers are not mandated to link their Aadhaar card with their bank accounts as per a decision by the Supreme Court of India. It is for those customers who get government subsidies through the DBT who need to mandatorily link their Aadhaar card with the bank account.

The customers can check if their Aadhaar card was linked to their bank account by visiting the official website of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and check their Aadhaar card/Bank Account linking status. If they are not linked, the customers can link their Aadhaar card with their bank account through these ways.

ATM Machine:

-The customers need to enter their credit or debit card pin at any SBI ATM

-They can then select the Service option followed by Registrations

-After selecting their account type, they can enter their Aadhaar number. It would be required to re-enter the Aadhaar number

-The customers will get an SMS on their registered mobile number with the status of seeding mentioned there

Internet Banking:

-The customers should first visit and log in to their account on the official website of the SBI:

-They can then go to My Accounts and select the option of Link your Aadhaar number

-The users can select the account number and enter their Aadhaar details and submit them

-An SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number about the status of Aadhaar seeding

The SBI customers can also link their Aadhaar card with their bank account through the SBI Anywhere App or by visiting a bank branch of the SBI near them.