Leicestershire misses out on government funding in 2021 budget

Pictured above: Leicestershire Lib Dem Finance spokesman, Michael Mullaney

Submitted by Michael Mullaney

News that Leicestershire is set to receive zero funding from the government’s towns fund has led to angry responses from Lib Dems.

Announced by the Conservative Chancellor, the budget will provide funding for 45 parts of England, but Leicestershire is again missing out on support.

No town across the county will benefit from the £1 billion fund, which will be used to help towns recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leicestershire Lib Dem Finance spokesman, Councillor Michael Mullaney, said: “This is a bitter disappointment for Leicestershire. Many of our towns would have welcomed being part of this fund to help them recover post-pandemic.

“Sadly, this is another example of Leicestershire missing out. We have the worst funded county council by the government in the country, meaning people paying more and more in council tax.”

He said the county’s police, schools, and fire services are amongst the worst funded in England.

Mr Mullaney said: “The people of Leicestershire have loyally elected a Conservative county council for the last 20 years, and they have elected all Tory MPs in Leicestershire.

“Yet it’s clear the Conservatives just take local people for granted. Time and time again people’s loyalty in voting Conservative has been thrown back at them by a Tory government that puts Leicestershire, its towns, and services at the back of the queue.”

Simon Galton, Liberal Democrat Group Leader on the county council, said that although the government talks about its levelling up agenda, in reality it appears to be about improving the Conservative party’s future election prospects.

Mr Galton said: “It is difficult to understand any other rationale for the way this funding has been allocated.

“What is clear is that local council tax payers are continuing to foot the bill for the government’s refusal to address Leicestershire’s chronic underfunding and lack of investment.”

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