Groveport Madison’s board has approved spending $ 18.9 million on federal funding

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

The Globeport Madison Board of Education approved a plan to spend $ 18.9 million on federal funding in a four-to-one vote.

The district will receive $ 18.9 million from the Primary and Middle School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). The ESSER 3 Fund’s spending plan must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by August 20th. Once the ODE approves the plan, the fund will be released from the federal government to Globeport Madison. Federal ESSER3 funds must be used by September 2024.

The plan includes $ 4.2 million for community centers, including health centers, and $ 4.6 million for new bus garages.

Board member Kathleen Walsh was the only negative vote. She argues that money should not be sent to health centers, but instead should be used to build new K-8 schools and address student overcrowding to improve other school facilities. Did.

At a previous board meeting, Walsh said, “It’s not our job to build a health center.”

Globeport Madison director Galilly Ogden said some facilities had been repaired, including new roofs for the school and other repairs elsewhere. She said district officials agreed with the need for a new school, but spending money on the new school was not one of the 15 authorized uses of ESSER3 financing. She, if so, put on a ballot in November to raise the additional funding needed to build a new school and to obtain matching funding from the Ohio Facility Construction Commission. He said he did not have enough time to issue bonds.

Planned ESSER3 spending
ESSER 3 funding can be used to safely reopen school and address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students. District officials said ESSER3’s funding plan focused on: Social and emotional support for students. Facilities and operations; community support and fairness. Groveport Madison proposes to use the following under plan:

• $ 4.6 million for a new bus garage.

“Basically, we don’t have enough space (in the existing bus garage behind the District Service Center at Globeport’s 4400 Marketing Place),” said Jeff Warner, Director of Communications at Globeport Madison.

The current bus garage will move to district-owned land on the northeastern corner of Bixby Road and Hendron Road adjacent to Sleek Creek Metro Park.

• $ 4.2 million for conversion of district service centers, including health centers.

“Physical and mental health problems, social and emotional challenges, and trauma have influenced the behavior and achievements of many children over the decades.” Our principals and teachers. , Counselors, Social Workers, Nurses – Most people who work with children have seen how many students and their families are struggling. Death of friends and family, unemployment, food insecurity, society In the face of trauma, and all the common turmoil they knew was “ordinary,” we saw first-hand the impact of COVID on students and their families. “

He said the COVID hasn’t disappeared.

“It’s still here and its impact will continue for the foreseeable future,” Warner said. “We believe that community health centers can be of great benefit in addressing some of the major obstacles to student performance and overall health.”

The conversion of the district service center (the remaining three quarters of space) includes: Welcome Center (registration). Social Welfare; School refusal officer of Franklin County Sheriff. Franklin County Work and Family Services; Food and Clothing Banks; and Community Offices / Meeting Spaces.

• Other items are as follows. $ 1.7 million for roof projects at three schools. $ 1.5 million to secure the front door. $ 724,000 for salary of eight coaches. $ 600,000 to increase the subpay for the teacher’s building. Chromebook is $ 550,000. $ 473,000 for school security camera upgrades and additions. $ 450,000 for a trip to the District of Columbia for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders. $ 430,000 for interactive displays in elementary school. After-school ACES is $ 400,000. $ 345,500 for the benefits of eight coaches. $ 313,500 DISC training for all coaches and thinking with teachers from kindergarten to high school. $ 303,000 for external lighting in nine schools. $ 300,000 for paving an outdoor study space. $ 250,000 for the Greater Columbus Helping Hands, Project Lead the Way, and I Know You Can programs. $ 205,000 for interactive display in high school. $ 125,000 for 120 high school laptop computers and 15 high school Chromebooks. $ 105,000 as salary for employee pandemic safety training. $ 100,000 math intervention material and consumables. $ 100,000 for GoGuardian filtering software. A Chromebook with a home connection for learning costs $ 97,500. $ 84,000 AmeriCorps tutor and mentor. $ 70,000 for EDP activation after salary for school care staff. After-school tutor staff salary $ 55,000. $ 50,000 leadership development. $ 50,000 for after-school program materials. $ 45,000 interactive display in junior high school. The TANF scholarship is $ 30,000. $ 30,000 EDP initial cost after school care staff benefit. The $ 25,000 EPA requested a building test. $ 16,200 benefit to employees for pandemic safety training benefits. After-school tutoring program staff will receive a $ 8,300 benefit. $ 5,000 EDP initial cost after school care products.

Survey results
District officials conducted an online survey of how ESSER3 funds were used from July 26th to August 5th, identifying 758 respondents, 48% of whom were parents or guardians and 28% of whom were employees. did.

According to the survey, 69% of respondents supported the conversion of district service centers and the provision of health and wellness centers in partnership with Primary One.

When asked if they would consider using a health and wellness center to meet their needs, 46% said no, 42% said yes, and 12% did not.

Groveport Madison’s board has approved spending $ 18.9 million on federal funding

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