Counties to receive funding for bridge replacement projects | County Government

Six additional projects that will replace rural deficient bridges in Kansas have been selected for funding through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Off-System Bridge Program. The counties receiving projects include Atchison, Wabaunsee, Phillips, Franklin, Wilson and Reno.

Projects in the first round of KDOT’s off-system bridge program were selected in fall 2020. With addition federal funds recently made available to Kansas through the Highway Infrastructure Program, additional projects were chosen as part of the state program. These projects will receive $3.94 million in federal funding and will total approximately $5 million in construction costs.

“Atchison County is very excited about being selected for this program for a bridge replacement over Stranger Creek,” said Joe Snyder, Atchison County Road and Bridge Superintendent. “Without these KDOT programs, it can be difficult for counties like ours to have sufficient funding for replacement of these off-system bridges.”

“We appreciate KDOT selecting our structure for the program and we’re ready to get started” said David Lee, Franklin County Road and Bridge Superintendent.

For the Federal fiscal year 2022, the county, location and amount awarded include:

Atchison County – 1.3 miles north and 0.5 mile east of Cummings over Stranger Creek, $505,000.

Wabaunsee County – 1.0 mile east and 0.2 mile north of Maple Hill over Mill Creek, $1,000,000.

Phillips County – 0.5 mile west of Logan over Cactus Creek, $325,000.

Franklin County – Northwest of Ottawa over Eight Mile Creek, $875,000

Wilson County – 1.1 miles north and 0.7 mile east of Roper over Woodruff Creek, $575,000.

Reno County – 0.5 mile west and 2.0 miles north of Willow Brook over Cow Creek, $660,000.