Burgum signs clean sustainable energy fund bill

This morning, Governor Burgum signed legislation to create a clean sustainable energy fund that will support low emission technology projects.

Projects such as carbon capture, that we are already seeing happen at Red Trail Energy in Richardton and the Great River Energy Plant in Underwood, would be the focus of this funding.
It also repeals the 25×25 initiative, which was supposed to provide no less than 25 percent renewable energy from all agricultural, forestry and working land in the state by 2025.
This new law is designed to produce even more clean energy in the coming years.

“We already are leaders in wind, we are already leaders in lignite production, oil and gas, ethanol, we have hydro, we have solar, but that future of carbon negative lignite production baseload power that can come from this bill. In addition to keying off the tremendous growth we still have in wind and renewables. So we can produce even more power than we do today,” said Lt. Governor Brent Sanford.

The bill passed both the house and senate with ease, as North Dakota looks to get ahead in the world of clean sustainable energy.