Bridport ineligible for share of £14m government grant

BRIDPORT are ineligible for a share of £14m in grants under the Winter Survival Package, Bees’ chairman Adrian Scadding has confirmed.

The Government had set aside £300m in funding to help sports teams through a barren season amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bridport could have applied for up to £10,500 in grants but have more than six months of cash and unrestricted operating reserves in their coffers.

Any funds would have been distributed by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund, who class unrestricted operating reserves as “cash that isn’t tied to a particular use.

“It can be freely used for any purpose and is not tied to a grant, loan or any club savings for a specific purpose e.g. a new stand.”

After discovering the Bees had more money than the six-month threshold, Scadding told the Bridport News: “You’ve got to prove that you haven’t got enough money in the bank.

“It’s not a hand-out grant, they’ve got things tied up.

“You’ve got to show bank statements to them, show them why you need the grant to keep the club running to the beginning of next season.

“There’s nothing to keep running apart from rates and the running costs of the club.

“So if you’ve got enough money in the bank you can’t claim it. Unfortunately, we’re in that position where we have.

“As much as I would love to claim it, that doesn’t apply to us.

“We’re having grants from the council and things like that, which is keeping that side of the club running.”

Bridport have not played since Boxing Day, when new manager John Godbold’s side lost 2-0 at home to Wellington.

The Bees have completed just 10 games of 40 in the Toolstation Western League Premier Division, with their season expected to be null and void.