Arizona sends $100M in federal funds to counties for COVID-19 testing | Local news

Anyway, she said her team did manage to find $1 million in other dollars that the county could use to pay for services at Paradigm Labs “to keep them going until they get this funding.” But even that money, Christ said, is not a reimbursement.

“It was to continue testing activities,” she said, saying any new dollars will be “a moving forward opportunity.”

The state has been helping, Christ added.

“We’ve been paying for airport testing since Jan. 1 and those types of activities,” she said, referring to in-terminal testing for travelers and a site outside the terminal for nontravelers.

“But this federal money, it’s for activities from Jan. 15 on,” Christ said.

Asked about Pima County officials’ belief they were promised reimbursement, Christ said: “I don’t remember us agreeing to that.”

While the state is funneling more federal dollars into local testing, Christ acknowledged that the overall level of testing is down. But she said that’s not a surprise.

More cases being reported tends to lead to more people hoping to find out if they’ve contracted the virus, she said.

“And as we tend to go down in cases, people tend to drop off for testing,” Christ said.