Amherst Schools to receive more federal funds than anticipated | Lorain County

With a fiscal year that was anticipated to bring in significantly less federal funding for school districts, Amherst Exempted Village Schools will receive an unexpected boost in funds from the state.

District Treasurer Amy Gioffredo said during a Feb. 22 Board of Education meeting that the district was set to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars not previously expected from the state in the near future.

From the Ohio Department of Education Foundation Funding, Amherst Schools is slated to gain $484,000 from the state, as evidenced between the district’s second payment in January and first payment in February.

“We were expecting to lose about $1.4 million,” Gioffredo said, adding that even after receiving the additional revenue, the district is behind previous years’ funding by about $250,000.

The district also will receive money from the student wellness and success fund.

Previously slated to receive over $400,000, the funding was cut by over $100,000, then recently reinstated to $380,000.

Gioffredo said the money from this grant goes specifically to student supports in the district, including nursing contracts, social workers and student resource officers.

“Those are all ways that we are supporting our students,” she said.

Gioffredo said Amherst Schools will receive funding from the elementary and secondary educational relief fund grant, which already awarded the district $270,000 for fiscal year 2021.

Amherst Schools is expecting to receive a total of $1.1 million from the grant fund this fiscal year.

Superintendent Steve Sayers said that although the district will work from a deficit this fiscal year, the additional funding will greatly help pad out revenue that took a hit due to increased expenditures in the past year.

“This is obviously very good news for us,” Sayers said.

So far this year, Gioffredo said the district is looking on track for gaining revenue.

As of the end of January, the district has gained over $19.7 million, equalling about 55 percent of the total fiscal year revenue expected.

By mid-February, the district was at about 65 percent of its total revenue.