Accomack County to receive $6,277,004 in Federal coronavirus funding

Accomack County is in line to receive $67,277,004  in Coronavirus Relief Funding. The funding will be used to fund COVID mitigation efforts, medical expenses, behavioral health and certain public health and safety staff expenses,  replace public sector revenue loss, to improve access to access clean drinking water and invest in wastewater and stormwater infrastructure,  provide assistance to workers and families, loans and grants to  small businesses, and to rehire staff and administer economic relief programs in the public sector.   It can also be used to pay premiums to workers who bear the greatest health risks because of their service in critical infrastructure sectors and help improve broadband access to underserved areas.

This money only applies to residents of the county.  Local towns will receive separate grant funds from Commonwealth.

The Recovery Funds must be obligated (not incurred) by December 31, 2024 and must be spent by December 31, 2026.

The Board of Supervisors is holding a public hearing on June 2 at Metompkin Elementary School to seek public input on projects that could be funded by the money.  County Administrator Mike Mason asked that anyone who might present a project, log on to the Accomack County web site to make sure the project is eligible.  He also said that because the hearing is being held in a public school, masks will be required. 

However, he said the county will have a supply of masks to provide for those who do not bring one.