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Are you looking for someone to inspect a deal for you?  Unsure about how next to proceed?  Let our team take your deal in and analyze for you for Free! All you need to do is look at the top of your screen when you are at the main page and follow these instructions:


1.  Click on Deal help

2. Insert as Much Information as You Have!

3. Make sure Contact Info is Good and Current

4.  Wait for a Response with ideas, analysis and feedback!  (typically less than 5 days.)


Special Note:  This is a special feature that is Open to the Public Now but will be Members Only when we officially launch in a few weeks.


Updated Free Report

Check out the main page for our Updated Free Government Funding report!

Look for Quick Tips on Specialty Programs For your Deal Today!



Click on the Button on the right hand side of your screen and join our Private Group!  EVERYONE WELCOME!

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