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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

In addition to our live seminars with networking and “in the classroom” learning, you now have a great way to learn about Government Deal Funding for Real Estate Investors and Developers from home.

Both the live events and your PRO System below include a free month’s membership to the Members Only section on the site where can you stay up to date on the latest changes in the industry.



Below are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions.Which programs are covered in the course?The course covers government grants, government hard financing programs, tax exempt bond programs, taxable bond financing, tax credits, various programs including the Affordable Housing Trust Programs, Housing Stabilization Funds, Neighborhood Stabilization Programs,  Federal Home Loan Bank Programs, the HOME programCommunity Development Block Grants (CDBG),Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), tax credits for acquisition vs. rehabilitation vs. new construction, Historic Tax Credits andNew Market Tax Credits (NMTC)Section 8 programs, the VASH program (for Veterans) and much more.What’s including in this course?

The PRO version of the Government Deal Funding for Real Estate Investors and Developers include audio CDs, workbooks, and course material covering Hard Financing, Soft Financing, Tax Credits and Section 8. In addition, the PRO version includes follow along DVDs, and a follow up deal help certificate, as well as a free month of VIP membership to get ongoing program updates, access to past updates, Members Only webinars and Members Only resources.

Who is this program intended for?

This program is intended for real estate investors and developers looking to learn more about and take advantage of government financing programs available. If you’re looking to do your first deal and want to know what options are best for you, of if this is your fiftieth development and you are looking to find ways to obtain and or sell tax credits, get funding from the government or access programs you might not otherwise have seen before, this program can benefit you.

How to I get Members Only Access?

The best way to get Members Only access is in conjunction with your investment in either version of this course. If you already have the course and are looking to re-activate your membership, you can do so by visiting the Membership page.

How do I pickup a copy of Government Deal Funding for Real Estate Investors and Developers?


You can learn more about and invest in Government Deal Fuding for Real Estate Investors and Developers online here.

The PRO System includes:

  • Government Funding Fast Start CD
  • 4 x Audio CDs
  • 4 x Video DVDs from LIVE training event
  • 4 x Manuals
  • 4 x Resource Manuals
  • Bonus CD: Section 8 Dos and Don’ts
  • Bonus CD: Asset Protection – Choosing an Entity
  • Bonus CD: Secrets to Forming a Non-Profit
  • Bonus CD: Bonus Case Studies from the Trenches
  • 6 MONTHS Free Trial Membership ($240 value)

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